Our Services

Shopping, Errands, Drop Off/Pick Up

  • Grocery shopping, catering or other items pick up and delivery via InstaCart or prepaid online orders from any participating local store offering curb side or in store pickup (also InstaCart approved for pharmaceuticals and alcohol). With our high degree of food, nutrition and wine knowledge, rest assured your items will be carefully chosen. 
  • Packages or mail pick up and drop off.
  • Take care of day to day needs at your home or business while you are away (See Vacant/VRBO/Vacation Home Monitoring and Assistance below for more details).
  • Need something else? Give us the opportunity to serve you!

Pet Services

  • Feeding and care for household pets, vacation or ongoing, at your home. 
  • Feeding and care of livestock, vacation or ongoing.
  • Transport  pets to vet or other appointments.
  • Meet vet, horseshoer or other vendors for livestock.
  • We can even water outdoor or indoor plants, fetch the mail or other duties that need to be attended to until you return. 
  • Need something else? Give us the opportunity to serve you! 

Document Preparation, Personal Assistant

  • We know not everyone has the technology or know how to create the documents they need or may simply not have the time. We offer assistance with creating documents for you, scanning and emailing, preparing for signatures (wet or digital) and if desired, mailing overnight or regular mail. You may require more personal attention and ongoing assistance. We have you covered there too! With a high degree of language and communication skills, tech and program knowledge plus professional background, allow us to be that extra clerical help you need, on an as needed or ongoing basis.  
  • Need something else? Give us the opportunity to serve you! 

Vacant/VRBO/Vacation Home Monitoring and Assistance

  • Weekly, monthly or as needed visits to protect and monitor against unauthorized habitation or break ins and review structure for damage or needed attention. Ongoing testing of heater, water heater, water and other amenities will make your homecoming happy without unwanted surprises. We can even water your plants or collect the mail! 
  • Come home to a turn key experience! We can ready your home for arrival with services like turn on lights, heater, a/c, pool heater or hot tub, set out the patio cushions etc. If you want your favorite wine ready to pop open or food items, we can arrange that too! If desired, we can also close up the property after you leave. We can make your arrival and departure as care free as you like!
  • Meet vendors or repairmen at the property and make sure the work gets done.
  • Need something else? Give us the opportunity to serve you!